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You will receive your invoice from Infomedics

At our practice we want to be able to focus on giving you all our care and attention. That is why we work together with Infomedics who send and collect invoices on our behalf. It means that any healthcare invoices you receive from us will be issued by Infomedics.

Reimbursement from your Health Insurance.
If part of your bill is covered by your health insurance, this will be clearly stated on the bill. You then need to pay Infomedics whatever is outstanding. Do you have any questions about the outstanding amount on your account? Then please contact your healthcare provider.

Are there no payments from your health insurer on the account?  Please then first pay the full amount to Infomedics and then contact your health insurance company to discuss whether you can claim costs from them.

From now on you bill will be sent digitally
Infomedics will send an email to the address we have for you. It is therefore important you provide us with an up to date email address. We will also need your mobile phone number. Infomedics will send you a SMS code which is required when opening your account. This also allows Infomedics to ensure your data remains properly protected.

You can see how it works below:

Arrange it online!
You can organise a number of details regarding the payment of your bill on the Infomedics website (www.infomedics.nl), for example:

Check the status of your payment
Go to www.infomedics.nl. There you will be able to find the account checker at the top of their webpage. Enter the payment reference (number series) that is on your invoice to check whether your account has been paid. If this is not the case, you can make a direct payment via iDEAL.

Required payment arrangements
Infomedics payment terms are 30 days. If you are unable to pay on time, you can request (free of charge) a deferment of payment. You can also make an alternative payment arrangement for a fee. More information about the Infomedics Payment Plan can be found online.

View frequently asked questions
If you have a question, the answer can usually be found under ‘frequently asked questions’. If that is not the case you can contact the Infomedics Service Desk.

Would you prefer to continue receiving your bill by post? Then please let us know during your next visit.

Do you still have any questions? Then please call the Infomedics Service Desk on 036 - 20 31 900 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

What happens to your data?
To be able to process invoices quickly and correctly, we need to share your data with Infomedics. Infomedics makes every effort to ensure your data is as secure as possible, and naturally they comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding privacy protection. Information about how Infomedics handles the protection of privacy-sensitive information can be found at www.infomedics.nl.   

Infomedics Payment terms
By our request Infomedics sends and collects invoices for the care you have received. Infomedics naturally complies with all (privacy) legislation and regulations, both the rules that apply to us as a healthcare provider, and the rules that apply to Infomedics by law.

What are the most important terms of payment on your Infomedics account?

Keep in mind that when you file a complaint or register with another healthcare provider, your invoice still has to be paid. This means that your payment obligation cannot be suspended.

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Download here in Polish.

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