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There should be more attention given to dental care at the Consultatiebureau (Health Center/Clinic) to prevent children developing bad teeth.  This is the suggestion of the KNMT, the professional association of dentists, Following the conclusions of the 2016 Report of the Oral Care Institute of the Netherlands.

This Report shows that children and young people from socio-economically disadvantaged families are more likely to have holes, to clean their teeth less thoroughly, have a poorer diet and are much less likely to go to the dentist.

Children with a foreign mother have 50 percent more cavities than children with a mother of Dutch descent.  The TNO research that uncovered this also showed that the decline in the proportion of young people with perfect teeth appears to have come to a stop."A good set of teeth is very important for your health, especially in children,” says Wolter Brands, chairman of the KNMT. "Dentists strive to ensure that as many children grow up with a healthy mouth as possible. But they cannot always achieve that. There are factors over which they have insufficient influence.”

The KNMT are also asking GP’s and Health visitors to insist that children visit the dentist from at least 2 years old.  That is, more often than not, not the case.  Some 40% of 2 and 3 year olds do not go to the dentist.

Brands also feels that the government and health insurers should have a role in this.

Health Centers/Clinics (Consultatiebureau)

It is also important that the Health Clinics pay extra attention to oral hygiene, says Brands. Nearly all young parents visit these clinics. The clinics already pay some attention to the child’s teeth but sometimes it is not enough.

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